Life Issues

Whether you have concerns about alcohol or other drugs, relationships, family crises, financial hardship or mental health concerns, our staff are here to assist you.

We also host services provided by external specialists that can offer support.

Services available are listed below, with links to more detail including cost, eligibility and waiting times.

For a printable flyer with a list of these services click here (437KB). For more information, contact our friendly staff 9744 4455.


Alcohol and Other Drugs Counselling

We focus on the wellbeing of individuals, their families and our community by reducing the harms associated with alcohol and other drug use.

For more information visit Alcohol and Other Drugs Counselling.

Centre Against Sexual Assault (CASA)

Centre Against Sexual Health (CASA) house recognises and promotes the rights of victims/survivors of sexual assault.

For more information visit Centre Against Sexual Assault.

Counselling (general)

General Counselling supports people with concerns relating to: family relationships, depression and anxiety, separation and grief and loss.

For more information visit Counselling.

Emergency Relief

A number of local and state community organisations provide Emergency Relief to those who are experiencing financial stress.

For more information visit Emergency Relief.

Family Services Counselling

Family Services Counselling provides support to families experiencing complex circumstances.

For more information visit Family Services Counselling.

Family Violence Counselling

Family Violence Conselling provides support to women experiencing violence and abuse from a partner or ex-partner, another family member or someone else they are close to.

For more information visit Family Violence Counselling.

Financial Counselling

Financial Counselling provides financial support and advice to people in financial distress.

For more information visit Financial Counselling.

Gambler’s Help Service

Free and confidential counselling is available from Gambler’s Help at Sunbury Community Health. This service is available on a Thursday and Friday.

For more information visit Gambling Help Service.

Men’s Business

Men’s Business provides opportunities for men, who are creating problems in their lives because of violence, abuse or angry behaviour. The 12 week program assists men to change the way they think and act so they can form more respectful relationships with their partners, children, families, friends or those at work.

For more information visit Men’s Business.

Moving On Group 

The Moving On Group is an empathetic, educative and empowering group for women who have experienced or are experiencing hurtful relationships.

For more information visit Moving On Group.

Northern Community Legal Service

Free legal support is available at the Sunbury Community Health on Thursday mornings, by appointment only.

For more information visit Northern Community Legal Service.

Post Natal Depression (PND) Counselling

Individual counselling is available for women who may be experiencing Post Natal Depression (PND). Partners are also welcome.

For more information visit Post Natal Depression (PND) Counselling.

Youth Counselling 

Our Youth Counselor provides support and counselling to young people experiencing depression and anxiety.

For more information visit Youth Counselling.