Perinatal Depression & Anxiety Awareness

Perinatal mood disorders, in particular, depression and anxiety, commonly affect women during pregnancy and after giving birth. Even two to three years after giving birth, or from one pregnancy to another, women can experience depression and anxiety. Local Stories You’re not alone…Inspiring stories from local women We collected stories from four local (Sunbury and surrounds) women about their experiences of PND. These women used our counselling service and our Mother to Mother Support Group (a support group that no longer operates). The women are happy for us to share their stories, in the hope they help others. Story 1: Designed (246KB) Plain text (202KB)  “I have the wisdom to say it’s OK to have a bad day, nothing is perfect or permanent” Story 2: Designed (289KB) Plain text (201KB) “The whole time I felt like I was drowning, I could barely keep my head above the water. Self-therapy … Continue reading Perinatal Depression & Anxiety Awareness