Royal Commission into Family Violence


The release of the Royal Commission into Family Violence report on 30 March 2016, identified 227 recommendations.

We are impressed by the scale of the report, the comprehensive range of recommendations and the enthusiasm of the Government to adopt its recommendations. We see the impact of family violence on a daily basis in our programs, and we do believe that with enough political will we can change the culture and vastly decrease family violence.

A copy of the report is available at


On Sunday, 22 February 2015, the Governor of Victoria formed the Royal Commission into Family Violence. The Commission will inquire into and provide practical recommendations on how Victoria’s response to family violence can be improved.

The Commission sought written submissions from anyone affected by family violence, and is due to provide its report and recommendations to the government by Monday, 29 February 2016.

At Sunbury Community Health, we see the terrible stories and statistics about family violence. Police incidents are currently averaging at 56 per week in Hume alone. Each of these, and so many others, are human tragedies causing long-term trauma and distress to women and children – and very often to the perpetrators themselves. We play an active role in addressing family violence but with few resources.

We are well placed to provide a more significant local family violence response, and to build social fabric by engaging the Sunbury community more broadly about this issue. We have a vision about how this can be done better.

To view our submission to the Commission click here (1.7MB)