Celebrating 40 years

We’re excited to be celebrating 40 years with our community.

We’ve had a range of activities to celebrate including: a gala event held at Sunbury Memorial Hall, a commemorative Annual General Meeting, a special edition Annual Report, a volunteer lunch with a 40 year theme, an exhibition in our halls celebrating our life governors and reflecting on ‘now’ and ‘then’… and more.

Thank you to everyone who was apart of our celebration and our journey.

Our special 40 year video is available. You can view it here.

Read some stories from previous staff members

Annie Adams

Annie Adams was our first Social Worker and an employee of Sunbury Community Health for 22 years. Read some of Annie’s amusing musings!

Annie Adams musings and funny stories

Annie also provided some insight in to being a Social Worker ‘back in the day’

“I think we need optimism; it connects so strongly to hope and we can all be active and responsible participants in change”

Annie Adams musings about social work in Sunbury

Jim Weatherill

Jim was appointed as our first CEO in 1976 (until 1982) – oh those Cabarets!

Jim Weatherills musings

Kate Tremlett

Kate was one of our earlier Physiotherapists.

“I feel very privileged to have been part of it”

Kate Tremlett musings


History of Sunbury Community Health

Sunbury Community Health was registered on 18 June 1974 and began operating from a temporary building on the corner of Gap Road and Horne Street. On 5 August 1976, the first annual general meeting was held, officially opening the organisation….

Do you want to know more about our history? Click here… and check out our 2014–2015 Annual report.

Do you want to learn a little more about Sunbury’s history?

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