Centre Against Sexual Assault (CASA) House

Centre Against Sexual Assault (CASA) House provide services that recognise and promote the rights of victims/survivors of sexual assault.

Support from CASA House is available at Sunbury Community Health. 

The purpose of CASA House is to:

  • Respond first and foremost to the concerns of victim/survivors of sexual assault who are in crisis.
  • Recognise that sexual assault is a crime and with the specific consent of the victim/survivor liaise with relevant legal personnel e.g. police, forensic medical examiners.
  • Seek to ensure the safety of the victim/survivor and promote their right to gain control over their experience.
  • Provide services which are free, confidential, accessible and appropriate in recognition of the particular needs arising from the universal, cultural and individual aspects of victim/survivors’ lives.
  • Ensure that the experience of victim/survivors of sexual assault informs the direction of the services provided.
  • Pursue changes to those social, cultural, economic, legal and political structures which contribute to sexual assault.
  • Strive for the prevention and elimination of sexual assault through community and professional education, training and activities that promote increased public awareness.
  • Initiate and publish research in order to break down myths and misconceptions surrounding sexual assault.

For more information or to arrange an appointment, call CASA House 9635 3610.