Dental Care for Children

Why choose us?

We were Sunbury’s original School Dental Service, and we still provide top quality care at low or no cost to you, at our centre in Sunbury!

ALL children 0–12 years of age can visit our Dental Service.

Our truly child-friendly team of dental professionals provide best quality dental check-ups, information and treatment. We’ll do our best to make your child’s visit a positive one.

We can give your child an appointment when you need it. And we’ll see emergencies quickly.

We’re here 5 days a week, 8.30 – 4 pm Monday to Friday.

Call 9744 4455 to make a bookingCall 9744 4455 to book


What does it cost?

For most families our dental services will be of no cost to you.

General checkup’s and treatment for children

We bulk-bill families eligible for the Child Dental Benefit Schedule (CDBS). If treatment is more than the $1000 bulk-bill max, we will continue to provide treatment for FREE.

If you cannot get the CDBS:

  • We’re FREE for children of parents with a health care or pension card.
  • If without, a cost of $32.50 which includes all general dental treatment. The cost per family will not be more than $130.

The CDBS is available to children (2–17 years of age) who qualify for Family Tax Benefit A. To check if this is you, call our friendly staff or Medicare on 132 150.

There is no cost for emergency treatment.


Waiting time

There is no wait list for children and young people 0–17 years of age.

Call 9744 4455 to book.

Feature image courtesy of Dental Health Services Victoria.