Occupational Therapy for Children

Our Occupational Therapists can help your child build skills to do everyday activities. This includes things like:

  • Fine motor skills (for example, using scissors, hand writing, using buttons and zips)
  • Gross motor skills (for example, running, jumping, ball skills and riding a bike)
  • Eye hand coordination
  • Helping with dressing, feeding and toileting
  • Helping build their attention span
  • Calming themselves
  • Playing with their friends
  • Helping you understand your child’s sensory needs
What do we offer?
  • Assessments
  • Individual and group sessions
  • Therapy at your home, at our centre, at kinder or school, or in the community
  • Help with choosing equipment that might help your child
How much does it cost?

We will let you know the costs of any appointments your child needs.

Who is it for?

Call us for information about who can use this service.

Children with an NDIS plan can use this service.

Will I have to wait for an appointment?

For waiting times, contact our friendly staff 9744 4455