Physiotherapy for Children

Our Children’s Physiotherapy service is available for children aged 0–12 years. We can do one-on-one assessment and therapy.

Physiotherapy can help children with:

  • Delays in motor milestones including rolling, sitting, walking, etc.
  • A flat spot on the head or if they prefer to look to one side only
  • Talipes or positioning of feet
  • Clumsiness with running, jumping, ball skills etc.
  • Unusual walking pattern or posture including toe walking and in toeing
  • Prematurity – if your baby was born before 36 weeks gestation
  • Rehabilitation after a hospital admission or injury
  • Pain or aches with activity or rest

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Young people aged 13 years and above can be seen through our general Physiotherapy team.

How much does it cost?

We will let you know the costs of any appointments your child needs.

Who is it for?

Any child, any concern.

Children with an NDIS plan can use this service.

Will I have to wait for an appointment?

Contact our friendly staff 9744 4455.