Men’s Business

Men’s Business provides opportunities for men who are creating problems in their lives because of violence, abuse or angry behaviour. The program assists men to change the way they think and act so they can form more respectful relationships with their partners, children, families, friends or those at work.Men’s Business uses both individual counselling and group work to help men control their behaviours, and their lives. When involved in the group there is requirement to commit to attend the 20 week program. Participants in the group have similar problems in their lives and relationships.

Group sessions are held weekly, in the evening on the same night for 2 hours each session.


$9 for Health Care and Pension Card Holders.
$15 for combined Family Income under $70 000 per year.
$25 for combined Family Income over $70 000 per year.
** Fees may be reduced in situations of financial hardship.


For eligibility criteria, contact our friendly staff 9744 4455.

Waiting time

For the commencement date of our next group, please contact our friendly staff 9744 4455.