Counselling: Men’s Business Group

Men’s Business is a Men’s Behaviour Change program that supports men who create problems in their lives because of violence, abuse, or anger.

The weekly program works with men to change the way they think and take responsibility for their actions so they can have more respectful relationships with their families, friends, and colleagues.

How does Men’s Business work?

Group work is used to help men identify and challenge their beliefs. When involved in the group, men are required to attend the program each week for the 20 week program. Participants in the group have similar problems in their lives and relationships. The group is non-judgemental.

Group sessions are held weekly, in the evening on the same night for 2 hours each session.

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How much will it cost?

There is a small cost for the sessions. Call us for information about cost.

Who is it for?

For eligibility criteria, contact our friendly staff 9744 4455.

Will I have to wait?

For the date of our next group, contact our friendly staff 9744 4455.