Counselling: Art of Change Group

The Art of Change is a 6 week Creative, Recovery, Skill Building program where personal choices are respected and self-responsibility and self-expression encouraged.

Who can attend?

It is for people who have or have had issues with addictive behaviors, alcohol or other drugs and have coexisting issues with their mental wellbeing.

What people said about The Art of Change:

– Taught me to focus on the now

– Realising that I’m not alone. Being able to talk openly about everyone’s problems and finding a way to deal with them and recover

– Learnt  how to express myself and communicate in a respectful way and different strategies to help me on my way to recover

Group Information

Time: 1 – 3 pm Tuesdays

Dates: The term 3 program starts on 24 July 2018. Call Adam or Ayse for dates

Venue: Salvation Army Community Hall, 27–37 Anderson Road Sunbury

Cost: Free

Want more information or to get involved?

Adam – phone: 9744 9204 or email:

Ayse – phone: 9744 9596 or email: