We have a proud 40 year history. In 1974, the federal government of Gough Whitlam offered money for the establishment of community health organisations across Australia. At the time a small group of individuals in the township of Sunbury Victoria (population 9000), took the initiative to apply, to ensure they had better access to the health services they and their families required.

At a public meeting held on 14 March 1974, the federal government granted the Shire of Bulla $88 000. There were initial discussions around how the funds could be spent and a management committee was established.

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Celebrating 40 years

In 2015 we celebrated 40 years of service to our great Sunbury community.

We created a video to celebrate 40 years of service and to celebrate the contribution of our Board members – past and present, staff, past staff, past women’s auxiliary members, volunteers, supporters and friends.View the video HERE.

Our special 2014–2015 Annual Report details some of the rich history of Sunbury Community Health. To view, click here (6.4MB).