Life Govenors

The Board of Directors can honour a person who has contributed significantly to Sunbury Community Health with Life Governorship. Since 1974, 17 people have been awarded Life Governorship.

We would like to not only acknowledge our Life Governors, but also past Committee of Management, Board Members and Executive Officers; whose leadership, hard work and support have made our organisation what it is today.

To download all our Life Governor summaries click here

Name of Life Governor

Year Awarded

Summary of Contribution

 Kerry Price  1978  Kerry Price
 John Watson  1981  John Watson
 Leigh Hogg  1981  Leigh Hogg
 Ronald Buckland  1981  Ronald Buckland
 Winn Williamson  1981  Winn Williamson
 Jim Weatherill  1982  Jim Weatherill
 Marilyn Bray  1986  Marilyn Bray
 Michael Gibson  1990  Michael Gibson
 Peter Free  1990  Peter Free
 Vin Cusack  2000  Vin Cusack
 Frances Carstairs  2002  Frances Carstairs
 Roma Pretty  2007  Roma Pretty
 Michael Houston  2008  Michael Houston
 Ros Stevens  2010  Ros Stevens
 David McDonagh  2010  David McDonagh
 Annie Adams  2015  Annie Adams
 David Cook  2017  David Cook