Our Purpose & Values


With our community, we build social fabric by supporting people to help themselves and each other.



New Picture

It takes a village…to belong and grow

Our community is stronger when everyone finds belonging. We believe there is strength and wisdom in diversity. We believe that everyone has unique abilities and something to contribute. We believe that learning and growth continues over a lifetime. We will be in the community, supporting community to create opportunities for all to learn, grow and belong.


Passionately engaged…with our community and each other

We are passionately engaged with people to support each other and build community. We are enthusiastic about what others can achieve. We genuinely care. We encourage and inspire each other. We celebrate together.


We do the right thing…not just the easy thing

We are serious about our moral and social responsibility to do the right thing. We are transparent and honest. We take responsibility for our actions. We strive to get it right, even when the right way isn’t clear. We don’t take short-cuts. We consider and plan our actions.


We make things happen…we get things done

We seek out opportunities. We ask ‘why? and ‘why not’? We innovate. We learn from our successes and mistakes. We work ‘hands-on’ and get things done. We pitch in and go the extra mile.